Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Mantic Games Enforcers Reveiw

OK OK so I couldn't resist. I had to pop an army set open and take a wee peak inside.
And I'm kinda glad that I did.

Pretty picture, boom boom crish...
Lets start off with the box, the art is lush, I really love the look of the Enforcers. It's the standard style Mantic box, a bit thin on the board but the Artwork as always is crisp and very well printed. As I stated in my last post they look like a spin off from the Doberman Voomers from Bubblegum Crisis which is probably why I like them so much.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween.

Happy Halloween everyone. Yup its that time of the year again where you carve your Pumpkins, dust of the sheets and run around dressed up as some member of the undead.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Mantic Games Abyssal Dwarfs Reveiw.

So I got me some Abyssal Dwarfs from Mantic Games, purely to use as Chaos Dwarfs in Warhammer but that's beside the point.
A nice big box ^.^
I received the Abyssal Dwarf Army RRP £64.99 and the Abyssal Dwarf King RRP £7.49. Not bad for 43 miniatures.

Split in Two!

As the title would sugest something has been split in two. Well that would be this blog.
From the beginning I wanted to keep this a hobby blog, but over the last month or so its become a tad more business like.
So, I have decided to split this blog into a store.. ish type blog, and a hobby blog.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Mantic Enforcers

Voidsign Collectables has now had its delivery of Mantic Games Enforcers Miniatures come into stock. I have to admit I was mighty impressed with just how good these figures are.

Great Artwork on the Army Box
Metal Blistered Enforcers Captain
Standard Enforcers Strike Team Box Set

s I said they are some fantastic looking miniatures. They Kinda remind me of the Doberman's from Bubblegum Crisis.

Bubblegum Crisis, Still Awesome.


Sunday, 26 August 2012

Kaon Rising

As a mentioned in a previous post I'm working on a small Chaos force based on Kaon's Despoilers shown in White Dwarf 135. Now I know that I had a bit of a break from the Blog but that's not to say that I had a break from all of my projects.
Here's a reminder of what I am basing my force on.


Reaper's Kickstarter = $3,429,236

Yup three and a half Million Dollars.
I personally think that's a tad on the crazy side, but considering just what you got if you pledged I'm not really surprised that it reached that level.
What did you get, well I could list it all but I'm not gunna, so instead here's a pretty picture.

So then, in total that's 241 mini's for $100 that makes it, well not a lot per mini (about $0.24 per mini). It was an awesome deal, and the add ons are fantastic. I can see me loading up on dragons and giants as soon as the pledge manager arrives.
But, what am I gunna use em all for...
In short. Heroquest. With this set I can pretty much replace everything in the box with (what I think) are nicer mini's. Sure the scale is off (Bones = 25mm, HQ = 28mm) but meh. The quality of the sculpts looks fantastic and there are loads of them.
So yeah, if you missed out on this, I feel for you. If you pledged, congrats. Its a lot of swag that's gunna be hitting your door step in March.
Just gotta wait now >.<

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Dreadball Kickstarter. Updated.

Well Mantic Games Kickstarter for Dreadball starts Midday tomorrow 24/08/2012 and I gotta say from what I’ve seen this is going to get my backing.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Reaper Kickstarter. 2mil and Counting.

Well as some of you will know Reaper Miniatures have been producing excellent quality miniatures for the past two decades. Now they are on an adventure / mission to bring affordable gaming back into our lives.

Their Bones series is shaping up nicely using the latest moulding techniques to bring excellent detail to their new Polymer miniatures. From what I have seen this 25mm range is clean, crisp with detail and has a low price point. All good ^.^

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Busy times...

Hey hey, there you all are. I was looking for you, sorry I was gone for so long, truth is I kinda lost track with the blog for the past couple of months.
I’ve been sidetracked working on a project that has taken up pretty much all of my spare time, but I honestly believe that when you all see what it is you will understand why my blog had to take a back seat. I don’t want to go into too much detail at the moment as there is a huge chance that it will still fall on it arse and I don’t want to jinx it, if you know what I mean.
Anyhow in the mean time stand by for a Koan update as I’ve managed to get some footwork done there. And hopefully I’ll start updating regular basis again starting from today.

On A side note, an awesome picture.

Awesome with a side or sauce.
Follow this link to see more of Ketka's stunning work.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Advanced Space Crusade.

Ok so the title may be a tad misleading, this post is a shout out for a friend of mine who is selling some nice miniatures via Ebay.

Listings include, a pretty near complete Advanced Space Crusade (Awesome game) and a bundle of Lord of the Rings goodies.

Great Game.
Their Ebay listings can be found HERE, so have a gander, and if there is something that catches your eye. Then it was well worth the click.

Auctions start to close at around 7pm this Sunday. But new and exciting wargaming shinnies are listed quite frequently, so check back often.

Oh and on a side note, I'll have more stuff up tomoz as well ^.^


Friday, 20 July 2012

Marauder Miniatures: Kaon's Despoilers Chaos Army.

In issue ??? of White Dwarf released in 1991 I remember seeing an offer for a 2000 point Chaos Army. I remember looking at this small force and wanting it so bad. In those days though the £57 asking price was really high, so alas I was left to look at the images and dream. I would however buy it today if it was offered at that price now. But times they do change...
I don't think this would even be 1000pts by today's standards.
Recently I found a copy of this White Dwarf while trying to collect all the Space Hulk related issues and came accross this offer once again. Suddenly it was twenty one years ago again, Do Want!

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Work In Progress: Bane Legions Muldo

This is going to be my Work in Progress post for my Bane Legions Muldo, I'm not going to do a separate post each and every time I add a highlight,  instead I'm going to update this post and pop it at the top of my post list whenever I get to a point that I think is worth showing.
Assembled and ready to go.

Games Night: Super Dungeon Explore.

And so another Tuesday night came and it was time to do battle once more.
We opted out of Hero Quest this week as we were starting to get a little burnt out with it and decided to have a couple of rounds of Super Dungeon Explore.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Money and Time and being a Dad.

Wargaming on a limited budget and with limited time can be quite frustrating. There are so many things that I want to collect, that I want to build and that I want to play. But alas due to time restraints and mainly a lack of  funding I have to pick and choose my way through the forest of Miniature Wargaming and stick to what I deem to be the best options. Sedition Wars in one such option and as mentioned in my last post, I'm having to sell a few things just so I can fund that.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

To Make Ends Meet! It's gotta go!

As it states above I'm in need of funding in order to forward my hobby.
As such I've listed some of the extra items that I have on Ebay.

These are items that I bought on a whim or another member of our gaming Possy owns and we only need one in order to play. And, yeah, I say possy cuz we're cool, we all wear cowboy hats and loin cloths when we play D&D... anyhow I'm getting off point.

Only one needed to play.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Bane Legions, Muldo & Ulric

So a couple of days ago I got home from work to find a small package from Maelstrom Games waiting for me. I knew what it was and like an excited school boy I ripped the package open to find two wonderful miniatures waiting for me.

Nice blister packaging. Muldo is really stuffed in there.
When I made the order at Maelstrom they were out of stock but they have come into stock and reached my door in a little over a week. Which is pretty impressive, since I'm still waiting on an order to be filled for items I ordered over nine weeks ago at another online site, but more about that another day.
As per normal for Maelstrom, the mini's came in a well padded envolope and got to me in perfect condition.
Anyhow, I didn't get a chance to look at them in too much detail as stuff needed to be done. But now I've had em out and assembled them both, thought I would let you guys know what I think.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Bane Legions Galhwch Lladd Llaw

Many of you will probably know of Bane Legions and their fantastic range of resin miniatures. And with good reason, from what I have seen, heard and read they are probably the best mini's money can buy. I've been umming and arghing about their products for quite a while now, and all though some of it doesn't take my fancy for one reason or another, some of it really does get my attention. I've just ordered a a couple of their minis for my own collection and thought that I would go for something small, so I went for Ulric and Muldo, initially to use as bosses in a Hero Quest quest that I'm working on, but also because they are very nice evil looking mini's and I want to paint them. As soon as I get them, expect something that almost resembles a review.

Ulreg, he has a huge Axe.
Muldo, looks like something out of Resident Evil.
Anyhow, today while I was aimlessly wondering the world of the interweb, killing time and no doubt my brain, I came across this beast. Again, by Bane Legions, Galhwch Lladd Llaw. Oh my, Oh oh oh My.
Anthropomorphic Dragony Goodness.

Just looking at Galhwch I start to drool, the figure looks amazing. HUGE and amazing. Standing at 86mm its going to tower over any adventurer that happens across its path. And the fact that it's reptilian means that its man parts should be tucked neatly inside the base of tail, so there won't be any surprises for anyone who happens to look under his groin armour. Galhwch is a kind of cross bread boasting human proportions with a splash of Dragon thrown in for good measure. A huge frame nicely rounded off with some battered armour, and spikes. You can see from the pictures, it's just nice. I want him. 
Mimics the concept design perfectley.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Games Night: Hero Quest, Inn of Chaos

Once again we decided to play Hero Quest, mainly due to an oldie coming over to play and wanting to have a go of the MB Classic. But also because we just love it at the moment.
So anyhow we downloaded a quest pack from Ye Olde Inn and went to town..  or an Inn as it were...

Yup again, but we're still loving it.
And so we continue the adventures of,
Grundolf Jr, the Wizard.
Leaf Blower, the Elf.
Clodhopper, the Dwarf.
Vivian, the Barbarian.

The four Heroes walked along the dusty track as the sun started to set, slowly disappearing behind the canopy of ferns that lined the beaten road. It was still over a days walk to the city and this area was renowned for odd happenings after dusk had taken hold on the land. The heroes had encountered a travelling merchant earlier in the day, he and his kin had pointed them in the direction of an old Inn that was worked by a small family of country folk. And so our Heroes made their way towards the Inn, all looking forward to a hot meal and a soft bunk to help them pass the night.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Studio McVey Sedition Wars. Frontline Give Away.

Every now and then something comes along and it really gets me excited.
After looking on the Studio McVey site and the Sedition Wars Kickstarter page, this game is starting to become one of those things, and not just the game. The mini's available for Sedition Wars in the McVey store are pretty damn nice as well. But, what do you expect from Studio McVey though.

But, I want it now.
The Game Battle for Alabaster is due out at the end of the year, and in case you didn't know, Cool Mini or Not along with Studio McVey have started a Kickstarter in order to get the game released on time and up to the standard that both we and they expect.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Games Night: The Quest Continues.

Following on from the epicness of the previous adventures in Hero Quest it was decided that we had such a blast that we would crack open the box and continue the adventure with,

Grundolf, the Wizard.
Leaf Blower, the Elf.
Clodhopper, the Dwarf.
Vivian, the Barbarian.

For an oldie its just so much fun.
And so, our heroes once again took up arms and delved deeper into the dungeons of the Evil Wizard. This time however, it was not just the green skinned horde awaiting our heroes but as the quests continued the foul stench of the Undead filled the damp dark passages of Morcars forgotten dungeons. As our heroes advanced bones stiffened and raised from their eternal slumber, the slither of rotting feet as they dragged slowly along the rough floor echoed through the darkness and the binding threads of stained bandages wrapped around rotting corpses creaked as the bloated remains shifted towards their prey.

Monday, 7 May 2012

That Looks Nice!

Due to being ill and not having anything to do with the Wargaming world I've not updated the blog in over a week. Even so Voidsigns has been up again for a little over a month and I've noticed that I'm about to hit 600 hits. In the grand sceme of things that's quite a small number but considering this blog had been up for a few years and was only at 47 hits when I started writting about my hobbies I'm pretty impressed with it.

Anyhow, I wanted to say thanks to everyone thats had a look and hope that more people will follow and continue to read my ramblings in the futures.

So, as the title says, That Looks Nice.
I am referring to the following:

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Games Night: Hero Quest.

And so, another Tuesday passes and battle commenced once more. Lines were drawn in the sand and crossed as skirmish’s ensued. There were casualties, there were heroic feats, and there was Death.

This week is not a tale of armies clashing, nor the tale of Aliens ever encroaching on the worlds of man. No this week was the turn of a quad of Heroes’ an army before them. A dark tale surrounded in confined cramp corridors leading to rooms and vaults filled with dread. Dread sent forth by the Evil Wizard to bring about the demise of these heroes’ and forever end their quest.

This week was the tale of Hero Quest.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Pandora's Box

So I got home yesterday after a long day slogging it at work, and I mean slogging. I can't complain about my job, it pays pretty well and the hours are OK, plus I get to destroy things on a regular basis so that's cool, but anyway, I'm getting off subject. So, I got home and found a neat package waiting for me.

You can't quite see the extent of the damage,
or the advertising on rear.
It was from Mantic games, now, this is the first time I've ordered from Mantic and I was pretty shocked at just how much advertising they could put on the outside of a postage box. I know that there are a lot of postmen out there and while it is travelling from the nice folks at Mantic to my dark pit a lot of people are going to glance upon it. But wow. It may seem petty of me but when I order items I don't want people to know what kind of goodies are in the box. Could you imagine if Anne Summers did that. Plus if said postman wasn't of honest nature, and liked that kind of stuff it could easily go walkies. But Meh, it got to me and that's what matters.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Boarding the Hulk. How it all began.

I got to thinking about the routes of my wargaming hobby yesterday after reading FLG's Sunday Serman and so I thought I would share this epic account of the adventure that started an era of gaming with you.

Warning this post may not be epic and may not contain adventure.

So lets think, I can remember having toy figures when I was a wee nipper way back in the 80s Transformers were rife and dominating the boys side of the toys market. Timmy Mallet was on TV every Saturday. And some woman was running the country. Anyhow. My Dad was into his aeroplanes and together we made Kits and painted them up all pretty (or in my case really badly) unknown to me then this love of building and painting was the first step into the world of wargaming.

Games Night: Talisman... Again

Lol, so last week we played Talisman and had such a great time we decided to do it again. That and we we're all tired and the box for Talisman was on top of the pile.

Yup.. again.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Candy and Cola

Finally, FINALLY I managed to get my grubby little hands on the Candy and Cola figure that was released for Super Dungeon Explore by Soda Pop Miniatures.


I've been after this figure since the release of SDE and all my attempts to gain it had ended in disappointment, Either the price was too high (£20+ for a single figure is too much) or the store that had it in stock didn't ship to this side of the pond. So imagine my glee when Cool Mini Or Not got a restock.


Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Games Night. Talisman

Tuesday night is games night around these parts.
People come over, we choose a game, we play, we argue, we take the piss and we sulk. A completely normal games night I think...
Anyhow, I intend to do a "Battle Report" on Wednesdays just to sum up what it is that we got up to and the results. I may even take a few pics and throw them up for good measure (though I forgot to do that last night >.<)

This Tuesday we decided to dust off Talisman 3rd Edition and have a little play, it's a fun game and one that my other half joins in with as well, so it's all good.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

House of Paincakes

Just a quick shout to say thanks to the guys and gals at House of Paincakes for letting Voidsigns join their network of Blogs.

Awesome sauce ^.^


Sunday, 8 April 2012

Super Dungeon Explore Dwelling Monsters

As a group we play Super Dungeon Explore a lot, we all think the game is awesome, and I personally  rant and rave about it all the time. Soda Pop Miniatures really excelled when it came to getting this little gem out, it was well worth the wait. We have noticed however that the game can be a tad linear, a few things don't make sense and a couple of things could be better.

So, we sat down and made up some extra rules just to give us a little more... urm... stuff.


With me being anal and the rest of the group all remembering the same rules in different ways I decided to sit down and make a pretty PDF rule set that contains all the changes that we use, and a set of new monster cards to cover the Dwelling Monsters.

See, looks really pretty.

First of all we have added Dwelling Monsters. The two sets of beasties that came in the box are very nice, but after a few games they don't really offer anything new and it starts to get a little stale. So we added some new critters and a Special Character. For the most part the new Monsters can be represented by pretty much anything that fits the bill, a bats a bat afterall. The Monster that was a hard figure to find was Barry, I use a Dwarf Wereshark from Reaper Miniatures represent him on the board.

These are what we use for the Dwelling Monsters.
Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer Fantasy.

This is Reapers Dwarf Wereshark.
Great Figure.

And yes, I do intend to base and paint them.... 

As well as the Dwelling Monsters we've added a search option, when you enter a room you can search it. You may get some goodies or some nasties may jump out at you. Also Line of sight, has been blocked by the big stuff and you can cause more that one wound per attack.

Barry. He's an asshole.

I have uploaded the complete set of additional rules we use to Boardgamegeek and 4share so you can download them and take a look. The cards are on the file and are scaled and ready to be printed out for use.

Feed back would be nice on these rules, it would be nice to hear other peoples oppinions and if anyone has any ideas for more monsters.

Well, I hope you enjoy em.


Saturday, 7 April 2012

Painted Miniatures

I've had a couple of Emails find their way into my inbox, which is odd considering how many followers I have. Anyhow, yes, a couple of Emails asking if I do actually paint anything and is this a Blog about me ranting on about what I would like to do.

So, here a few pics of some of the mini's that I have managed to finish.

Super Dungeon Explore is my current squeeze at the moment I love the game. These two were my first attempts at painting the Chibi styled mini's. I wanted bold highlighting to give them the anime feel that I think they deserve. Overall I was really happy with them. I just have another eight heroes and a mass of bad guys to go ^.^

Deeproot Druid and Angry Bear from Super Dungeon Explore.
Again but from behind this time.

This Skaven Packmaster Skweel Gnowtooth is the Coach of my Blood Bowl team. I wasn't overly happy with some of the highlighting on the Rats but overall I could live with the finished result. I tend not to be a perfectionist when it comes to painting, so if something looks good enough, it's good enough ^.^
Packmaster Gnawtooth.
I was very pleased how the copper of his armour turned out.

Now this guy I have had for about fifteen years. I only painted him a little while ago though. The mini had a weird Monks head on to of his own head which I really didn't like so I took it off and cleaned up the area. I love the sculpt on this fella, I think its from the old Talisman range but I'm not sure. He's used in Talisman now though ^.^

This is my Favourite miniature. Its a simple Paint job, but I love it.
Knight Templar. Such a beautiful Miniature.

So there you have it, I know I'm not the greatest Painter in the world and these are only three in a sea miniatures. But they are some of my favourites. I will post updates of new projects and NEW finished models, but I don't want to fill this blog up with pictures of miniatures I painted years ago.
One of the reasons that I have restarted this blog is to help me move forward in my hobby, not to help me dwell on the old stuff that I use to do.

Thanks for looking,


Thursday, 5 April 2012

That was quick

Avatars of War mini's arrived this morning. I'm still waiting on the Rulebook but that has been sent separately. Maelstrom Games packed the mini's in the same awesome manor they always do and I have to admit, I like em.

I was expecting the mini's to be cast in resin, but I guess that's my own fault for not reading the full description. The detail is excellent and they both come with a choice of Heads / Weapons.

Anyhow, enough gibber jabber, here's some pics.

The packaging is lush, great artwork and the models are easy to see.

Back of the packaging.

Dark Elf Queen, with a mass of spare and extra parts.

Wood Elf Ranger, head with or without hood.

I will try and get these cleaned up and assembled as soon as I can. Then I'll post some more pics.


Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Avatars of War

While looking for mini’s to represent the various characters that ran around the board in a game of Talisman as well as another “Project” I’m working on, I stumbled across the Avatars of War site.

I’ve wanted to get hold of a few of their Mini’s for a while. Just as painting projects really, however I’ve not managed to get my grubby little mitts on any yet. But, from what I’ve seen in the pictures I have to say the mini’s look wonderful.I know these mini’s were designed to represent core characters in existing fantasy wargames but AoW have also released the Arena Deathmatch game to back up their already impressive miniature range.
On Order, from Maelstrom ^.^
Now that I’ve downloaded the rules from the AoW site and had a gander at them, I have to say that I’m very interested in exploring this game further than just the miniature side. My mind is bristling with ideas of making an arena for six to ten models to fight to the death in.

Also on order, as well as the Wood Elf Hero.
I think that this may be a project that will push a couple of other little things aside for a while, but meh. The mini’s can be used in quite a few games, and if I do make a 24”x24” arena for the game I’m sure if I build it right I can include that in a few other games as well.
Not on order but it is a great looking figure.
Anyhow, I’ve ordered a couple of the Mini’s and the Arena Deathmatch Rulebook so when they get here I’ll throw some pictures up. I’m not going to go into full on reviews, but I will shout out my personal opinion about them.

This looks like it could be fun ^^