Sunday, 24 June 2012

To Make Ends Meet! It's gotta go!

As it states above I'm in need of funding in order to forward my hobby.
As such I've listed some of the extra items that I have on Ebay.

These are items that I bought on a whim or another member of our gaming Possy owns and we only need one in order to play. And, yeah, I say possy cuz we're cool, we all wear cowboy hats and loin cloths when we play D&D... anyhow I'm getting off point.

Only one needed to play.

I'm going to put a couple of links in that will take you to one of two Ebay pages.
One is my own, well the wife's, and will sell my items. The other is a link to a friends who is always popping pretty cool Miniature items on there, you could say its kinda their job... ish.

Here's the LINK to my goodies. It's not all Miniature based but there's some good stuff there. Such as the above and the below. But check back as I will be listing more stuff in the future.

Damn you WHIMS.
And here's the LINK to me mates goodies. Its a tad hit and miss when it comes to Wargaming loveliness but good stuff pops up on there quite frequently.

Anyhow, it's a shame to have to let things go. But in a world where enough just isn't enough, I need to reign in my out goings and concentrate on a smaller area.



Papa JJ said...

Cowboy hats and loin cloths... now that's hot! Best of luck to you raising some $$$.

Voidsign said...

You wanna see what we pop on for a round of Super Dungeon Explore. ^.^

Neeps funds for Sedition Wars, Studio McVey just keep adding more and more cool stuff T.T