Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Games Night: Hero Quest, Inn of Chaos

Once again we decided to play Hero Quest, mainly due to an oldie coming over to play and wanting to have a go of the MB Classic. But also because we just love it at the moment.
So anyhow we downloaded a quest pack from Ye Olde Inn and went to town..  or an Inn as it were...

Yup again, but we're still loving it.
And so we continue the adventures of,
Grundolf Jr, the Wizard.
Leaf Blower, the Elf.
Clodhopper, the Dwarf.
Vivian, the Barbarian.

The four Heroes walked along the dusty track as the sun started to set, slowly disappearing behind the canopy of ferns that lined the beaten road. It was still over a days walk to the city and this area was renowned for odd happenings after dusk had taken hold on the land. The heroes had encountered a travelling merchant earlier in the day, he and his kin had pointed them in the direction of an old Inn that was worked by a small family of country folk. And so our Heroes made their way towards the Inn, all looking forward to a hot meal and a soft bunk to help them pass the night.

Slowly the Inn came into sight. An old farm house stood in the centre of the grounds with a large barn to its side. The house looked old and on the brink of needing some very serious repair, however there was light eliminating from the windows, and smoke turned a dark sky darker as it poured from the crooked chimney that adorned the roof like the feather from a rogue’s hat.
Grundolf Jr smiled, his first outing had been an ordeal and the loss of his father still hurt the centre of his chest whenever he let the thought invade his mind. "Thank the gods" he murmured as they closed on their prize. A good night’s rest is exactly what he needed, his muscles ached and his mind was still pounding from using his array spells.

A pond sat square in the middle of the court yard, large gold and orange fish darted around dodging imaginary foes and occasionally breaking the surface of the water for gasps of air. Vivian looked into the water, his distorted reflection clearly displayed the blood that was still dried into his skin, brown and cracking after a day in the sun, he looked like scorched earth. He shrugged and carried on towards the Inn. Leaf Blower made his way towards the entrance, while Grundolf looked into a garden that was full to bursting with vegetables and fruits.

Clodhopper casually walked up to the barn, his nose wrinkled as an odd odour started to fill his nostrils, slowly he pulled open the door and gazed inside. He squinted as his eyes adjusted to the dim light then they widened as his surroundings came into focus. A horse lay on its side; its belly cut and opened displaying an emptied rib cage. The horse's skin had been pealed back and the muscle beneath it had been cut away from the cadaver and hung from hooks scattered around the roof of the barn. As Clodhopper approached the grisly mess he noticed several buckets filled with the animals organs, yards of coiled blue meaty rope lay scattered around the straw covered floor as if no longer need and cast aside. As he looked closer at the horse he noticed teeth marks surrounded the massive wound, human in shape. Then he could feel the warmth emanating from the carcass, it was a fresh kill.

The four Heroes gathered at the entrance to the Inn, Vivian pulled his Broadsword free from its holster, while Clodhopper thumbed the edge of his Axe; he placed the cut digit to his lips to taste the blood. "Still bleeding, still alive" he murmured.
Leaf Blower wrapped his hand around the handle of the heavy door that acted as the entrance to the Inn and twisted the lock open. The wooden door was stiff, but popped open. Air seemed to be sucked in to the old building before it was blown back out. The rush of air was warm and moist and it carried the smell of rotting death on it. They all new the smell, the taste and feel of the air as it caressed them, they had just dealt with such horrors.

Leaf blower sighed "Zombies!"

So anyhow, the game continued on and wasn't really all that exciting. Don't get me wrong it was fun but the Heroes didn't really have any challenges until they got upstairs.
Vivian stretched his neck as far as he could to try and get a better perspective on what was waiting for them at the top of the spiral stairway. He could see motionless boots, and if they we're anything like the boots they hey just encountered there was a very good chance they would be attached to a Chaos Warrior. After dispatching two of the armoured warriors in order to gain access to the stairs it would stand to reason that more would be waiting for them. But still the boots remained motionless and his sight could get no higher than the buckles on the boots themselves.
"Shall we continue?" said Clodhopper as he followed up behind the hulk of a man.
Vivian crouched low and slowly he climbed the last few stairs.
As Vivian made his way onto the second floor he was greeted by the axes of two massive Chaos Warriors, their armour stained crimson brown by decades of battle the bulks of iron and evil attacked without mercy or remorse. The Barbarian dodged the first warriors attack and sprinted to the top of stair well, the second axe caught him in the shoulder cutting deep into the knots of hard muscle. His arm hung limp as he crashed into the wall, his own momentum carrying him. He recovered immediately and brought about his Broadsword, the arc of the swing missed the first Warrior but caught the second across its chest. Sparks erupted as the two metals screeched across each other, the tip of Vivian’s sword started to penetrate the iron and at that point Vivian lunged forward pushing the blade through the armour and into the monster inside. The Chaos Warrior stumbled back pulling both the Broadsword and Vivian with it, Vivian push harder forcing the back of the Warriors armour to buckle from the inside, then it toppled. Both Vivian and the Chaos Warrior fell to the ground, the glow behind the slit in the helmet started to fade as Vivian tried to gain his feet.

The second warrior taking advantage of his fallen comrade turned and swung his axe down at Vivian as he tried to escape the floor. The weapon came down hard, hitting and then shattering into a thousand shards. Grundolf Jr stood between the Warrior of Chaos and Vivian, his arms raised above his head the Axe shattered as it made contact with his Stone Skin. The Warrior dropped the ruined weapon as Grundolf, exhausted, slumped to the ground. As the warrior drew his Sword it buckled kicking out its hip to the side. A spear ran from the opposite side of the Warrior into the hands of Leaf. The elf had taken this chance to stab at the Chaos Warriors side; the head of the spear piercing the joins in the monsters armour the weapon found its mark and slew the armoured beast where it stood. As the Chaos Warrior's knee buckled it fell to the floor, Clodhopper having dealt with the forces of Chaos in the past beheaded both of the fallen Warriors ending any chance they may have had for a resurrection.

Excellent Picture.

Leaf administered a health potion to the injured Barbarian and as the injured man drank the wound on his arm healed. The muscles guided by magic knitted back together until there was no sign there had ever been a wound. Grundolf drank a potion also, his body felt like it was about to freeze solid, the Stone Skin spell had taken its toll and he could barely move even after taking the potion. This quest would have to carry on with out his help, he could feel it in every aching bone and muscle, he was almost at his end.

The foursome pressed on, Leaf aided Grundolf and Vivian and Clodhopper guided the way.
"This is the only room we've not entered" Leaf stated as they stopped at what had to be the final door.

"Please do enter" came a familiar voice.

Vivian pointed behind him gesturing for Leaf and Grundolf to stay put. Slowly Vivian and Clodhopper entered. The room was brightly lit by a sea of candles that hung in the air, the walls and room itself were bare except for a single cloaked figure standing in front of an ornate stone plinth.

"I really didn't think four exhausted adventurers would cause me so much trouble" The figure said as he turned slowly on the spot. "You even dispatched my four bodyguards, my gifts from the gods" He continued as he pulled the hooded robe from his face "No easy feat".
Vivian and Clodhopper looked in amazement as the Merchant that told them of this Inn, now stood before them. A wide snake like smile spread slowing spanning the width of his face. "You four will make fine replacements" he hissed as a ball of fire erupted from his hand.

The Merchant’s hand unleashed a ball of flame at the heroes, both Vivian and Clodhopper dived for cover as the heat from the flames caused Vivian’s skin to blister along his left flank and the hairs on Clodhoppers face curled away as if to hide from the immense heat. Vivian landed on his feet and swung his body around into a defencive stance, Clodhopper landed on his side, smoke rising from the hair on his head and chin he smiled. "Missed" he spat as he clambered back to his feet.
The Merchant laughed "You were never my target little one" he said gently as the smell of burnt flesh entered the room. Clodhoppers lips felt sticky and he knew it was from the melted flesh and fat that was now floating in the air, he fled from the room leaving Vivian alone with the Sorcerer.

"You have been deserted" The Merchant said watching the Barbarian as he moved to block the doorway of the room with his massive bulk. Vivian shrugged.
"Very well" Shouted the Sorcerer as Vivian run towards him, his sword pulled back ready to strike.
Vivian ducked under the sorcerers attack and brought his sword up into the chest of the Merchant. The sword slipped through the villain as if he were bread, but he let loose no screams of agony or anger. He just looked down at the Barbarian and smiled. His hands reached down and grasped the Barbarian around his neck, plucking him from the ground like a petal from a rose. The sorcerer held the man in front of his face.
"You can't kill me, child" The sorcerer said in a soft voice. "I am eternal, like change, I will always be"

Vivian watched as the Merchants face started to change, a skull like shape started to push forward from behind his pail skin, the snake like smile started to sprout rows of needle like teeth. "Join me" the monster said "Join me, become mine and I will save your friend".
Vivian’s leg kicked out with all the force he could muster, his large foot crashing into the plinth behind the sorcerer. The plinth rocked slowly, and then fell forwards, as the large stone plinth hit the ground it shattered, spilling dark magics onto the floor like a jug of spilt milk.
"What have you done" Screamed the Sorcerer as he threw the Barbarian across the room "What have you done" The magics fizzled away and seemed to soak into the floor of the room. Vivian hit the wall with such force the cracking of his bones echoed, he seemed to hang for a moment and then slid down the wall and slumped onto the floor, blood oozed from his mouth "You were never my target" he coughed.

Rage filled the Sorcerer, fire bellowed from his eyes and a fork tongue flicked around his face as if trying to contain the anger. He hunched and his back started to swell, Vivian’s sword still embedded in his swelling bulk, his hands started to glow as he traversed the room toward the injured Barbarian. Vivian watched as the sorcerer came closer, he tried to move but he couldn't. He just watched as the monster moved towards him, he watched as the sorcerer stopped and reeled up in pain, an arrow lodged in its neck. Leaf stood in the doorway, his cross bow held limply in his right hand he grasped for another arrow. Leaf's clothes were blackened and his face blistered, he could barely stand as the sorcerers gaze switched from the Barbarian to him. Shocked and pained the sorcerer pulled the arrow free from his neck, blood gushed from the wound as he covered it with his hand in an attempt to stem the flow.
"Heh" He gargled as his stumbled towards the far wall "Maybe next time then" he said as he passed through the wall leaving the barbarians sword to drop to the floor with a loud clatter.

Leaf helped Vivian to his feet and escorted him into the previous room. Clodhopper was knelt next to Grundolf as he tried to help the Wizard. Slowly Clodhopper drip fed the Wizard a healing potion. The ball of flame had come through the door and Grundolf managed to push Leaf out of the way just in time, however the Wizard had caught almost the full force of the spell. His skin had melted from his face and right arm, revealing charred bone and gristle, his clothes were melted into the skin of his upper torso and his small sword was wielded to his thigh. It was a surprise that the Wizard had not died, but the fact that he was alive meant that he could survive even these horrific wounds. Vivian and Leaf knelt next to their friend; they could see his wounds slowly healing. They both knew that there were going to be scars but at least the Wizard would be alive to moan about them.

So yeah, they all survived, just. I think only Clodhopper had more than one life at the end. To be honest the showdown at the end wasn't all that. Yeah the Chaos Sorcerer managed to get a Fire Ball off and spank Grundolf Jr, but then he was easily dispatched by the Vivian and Leaf. I just made it more dramatic for effect ^.^

The Inn of Chaos was Ok I guess but not that great, in total there were only 11 monsters to fight, not including Wondering Monsters, which we only got one of. And the Chaos Warriors were all real bitches to kill. They roll skulls and black shields like you wouldn't believe. In fact it was due to them that the heroes had any problem at all.
All in all a fun night, Hero Quest is still providing us with bucket loads of laughs and I'm still enjoying writing about the adventures of our four heroes.

As I mentioned at the start of this post Ye Olde Inn has an absolute ton of Hero Quest stuff on there. If you into the game and want new challenges or if you just want to see what all the fuss is about I'm pretty sure you'll be able to find it here. Ye Olde Inn .

Well that's it for now, its taken me almost a week to finally get this up and its games night again this evening. Wonder what we'll be playing.


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