Thursday, 28 June 2012

Work In Progress: Bane Legions Muldo

This is going to be my Work in Progress post for my Bane Legions Muldo, I'm not going to do a separate post each and every time I add a highlight,  instead I'm going to update this post and pop it at the top of my post list whenever I get to a point that I think is worth showing.
Assembled and ready to go.
I should have really got a few pics of Muldo after I had undercoated and Basecoated him but to be honest, I forgot. If you are interest in what he looked like at those stages though check out THIS post and imagine that he’s bright white and then a sort of dull mucky greeny brown. ^.^
28th June 2012.
The two pictures shown below are after about four layers of various colours, after spraying white I applied a base coat of Greeny Brown, the paint was applied unevenly mixed so that his skin had different levels of random Green and Brown all over it. This was then washed with a mix of Ogre Flesh and Red, to add some warmth and to bring the shades together.
About layers so far.
After that I mixed up some Elf Flesh, Bestral Brown and added a tiny amount of Goblin Green just to tint it. Then stated layering it on, adding a little more Flesh each time to make it that little bit lighter. This was then washed with a very watered down Devlin Mud, again just to help blend all the colours together.
Yes I know, theres white dot in the middle of his back.
That white dot on his back, even though it is small, is about all I can see when I look at the above picture, lol. But that area as well as the area above the buckle is going to be blended into a yellow, so I'm not too worried about it the moment.

Next thing to do is make the whole of Muldo lighter, I have some Rotting flesh that I will mix with a brown of some sort and then I'll work up from there. Once that's all done I'll make an update. ^.^


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