Thursday, 28 June 2012

Games Night: Super Dungeon Explore.

And so another Tuesday night came and it was time to do battle once more.
We opted out of Hero Quest this week as we were starting to get a little burnt out with it and decided to have a couple of rounds of Super Dungeon Explore.

As you may or may not know/care I happen to be quite a big fan of SDE, Soda Pop did a really good job on it. And even though there were countless teething issues reported all over the www, my copy was perfectly fine. The mini's went together easy, the shapes of their pegs easily depicting where each part should be attached. All the cards were nicely printed and aligned perfectly. The only gripe was the rule book and how confusing it was, mainly due to the order of its contents but after a few games you really didn't have to look at it that often.

I personally couldn't see what all the negative fuss was about. Anyhow...
So, yeah, we went for the 16bit game, and went to town.

I'm not going to go into much detail about the events of the game because to be honest it was a bit of a one sided struggle. The Heroes’ dice rolls were crazy bad and this resulted in the loss of their Damage Dealing Paladin in only the third round.
Being completely swamped in Kabolds and with Rex now on the Rampage the towel was thrown in and a short break followed.
Round Two and the Gage is almost at REX already
A change of characters and a small chill out later and we set off again. Although the first round was well in the Heroes’ favour, by the forth the results were exactly the same. Swamped, Rex and one Dead.

We decided to call it a night at that point as it was starting to look like the table my get flipped during a rage quit.
We sat and discussed what the problems could have been, the dice rolls for the heroes were bad, really bad. Killing anything was a really pain for them. And consul pretty much rolled fives the whole evening.
It's been established the dice dynamics don’t seem to work very well, but I have never seen so many blank faces.

Candy and Cola
Also the fact that the Consul had Rex come out really quick hindered the heroes as they had very little equipment. Only averaging one Loot Card each round. I put it down to just bad luck for these two games but I think it may be a while before the wee Chibi Heroes set off again.

Which is a shame.


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