Saturday, 1 November 2014

Complex 77's Kickstarter is now live.

As you can probably see, Complex 77's new Kickstarter is now live.

Just click on the Widget to the right, or you can tap this handy LINK

Have a look, and please support, even if you dont pledge, please share.


Hello everyone.

Its been a while but we thought we would break the silence to pop a should out to Complex 77 who are about to go live with there first CAST 3D Dungeon.

From Face Book:

Hi guys,

Just need to add a picture of some of the Completed tiles to the KS page and then we should be launching this afternoon.

Our KS will run until the 30th of November and have only one pledge level at £25 that is for a complete set of 24 tiles.
There is also the option to double up and save yourselves some money. ^.^

The set will include the 24 tiles tiles shown in our last update. 
And as one of the stretch goals (added later) we hope to provide the option of a painted upgrade, FOR FREE.

Our Target is only £150 as this KS is to pay for getting the molds produced and the cost of the materials only. Our time we are putting in for free.

I will put another update up as soon as we go live.

Hopefully we will see you there.

The set will include the 24 tiles shown.
You can check out their Face Book page for more details HERE
And I will post an update as soon as they go live. Which should hopefully be this evening ^.^



Sunday, 27 April 2014

Complex 77 50% at Wargame Vault.

Yup, Just a very quick update to let you all know that Complex 77 is running a limited 50% sale on all of their excellent Tile packs over on Wargame Vault.

It is literally their entire range that is on offer and there are some very nice sets.
Now is your chance to get hold of some really good tile sets and some pretty crazy prices. If Dungeon Crawling is your thing don't miss it.

Check out their WGV page by clicking HERE