Sunday, 26 August 2012

Kaon Rising

As a mentioned in a previous post I'm working on a small Chaos force based on Kaon's Despoilers shown in White Dwarf 135. Now I know that I had a bit of a break from the Blog but that's not to say that I had a break from all of my projects.
Here's a reminder of what I am basing my force on.


Reaper's Kickstarter = $3,429,236

Yup three and a half Million Dollars.
I personally think that's a tad on the crazy side, but considering just what you got if you pledged I'm not really surprised that it reached that level.
What did you get, well I could list it all but I'm not gunna, so instead here's a pretty picture.

So then, in total that's 241 mini's for $100 that makes it, well not a lot per mini (about $0.24 per mini). It was an awesome deal, and the add ons are fantastic. I can see me loading up on dragons and giants as soon as the pledge manager arrives.
But, what am I gunna use em all for...
In short. Heroquest. With this set I can pretty much replace everything in the box with (what I think) are nicer mini's. Sure the scale is off (Bones = 25mm, HQ = 28mm) but meh. The quality of the sculpts looks fantastic and there are loads of them.
So yeah, if you missed out on this, I feel for you. If you pledged, congrats. Its a lot of swag that's gunna be hitting your door step in March.
Just gotta wait now >.<

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Dreadball Kickstarter. Updated.

Well Mantic Games Kickstarter for Dreadball starts Midday tomorrow 24/08/2012 and I gotta say from what I’ve seen this is going to get my backing.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Reaper Kickstarter. 2mil and Counting.

Well as some of you will know Reaper Miniatures have been producing excellent quality miniatures for the past two decades. Now they are on an adventure / mission to bring affordable gaming back into our lives.

Their Bones series is shaping up nicely using the latest moulding techniques to bring excellent detail to their new Polymer miniatures. From what I have seen this 25mm range is clean, crisp with detail and has a low price point. All good ^.^

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Busy times...

Hey hey, there you all are. I was looking for you, sorry I was gone for so long, truth is I kinda lost track with the blog for the past couple of months.
I’ve been sidetracked working on a project that has taken up pretty much all of my spare time, but I honestly believe that when you all see what it is you will understand why my blog had to take a back seat. I don’t want to go into too much detail at the moment as there is a huge chance that it will still fall on it arse and I don’t want to jinx it, if you know what I mean.
Anyhow in the mean time stand by for a Koan update as I’ve managed to get some footwork done there. And hopefully I’ll start updating regular basis again starting from today.

On A side note, an awesome picture.

Awesome with a side or sauce.
Follow this link to see more of Ketka's stunning work.