Sunday, 26 August 2012

Reaper's Kickstarter = $3,429,236

Yup three and a half Million Dollars.
I personally think that's a tad on the crazy side, but considering just what you got if you pledged I'm not really surprised that it reached that level.
What did you get, well I could list it all but I'm not gunna, so instead here's a pretty picture.

So then, in total that's 241 mini's for $100 that makes it, well not a lot per mini (about $0.24 per mini). It was an awesome deal, and the add ons are fantastic. I can see me loading up on dragons and giants as soon as the pledge manager arrives.
But, what am I gunna use em all for...
In short. Heroquest. With this set I can pretty much replace everything in the box with (what I think) are nicer mini's. Sure the scale is off (Bones = 25mm, HQ = 28mm) but meh. The quality of the sculpts looks fantastic and there are loads of them.
So yeah, if you missed out on this, I feel for you. If you pledged, congrats. Its a lot of swag that's gunna be hitting your door step in March.
Just gotta wait now >.<

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