Sunday, 26 August 2012

Kaon Rising

As a mentioned in a previous post I'm working on a small Chaos force based on Kaon's Despoilers shown in White Dwarf 135. Now I know that I had a bit of a break from the Blog but that's not to say that I had a break from all of my projects.
Here's a reminder of what I am basing my force on.

I've decided to drop the Beastmen altogether and replace them with a unit of Chaos warriors. I had a load of spare warriors in my bits box from a load of spare parts that I had bought on EBay a while back. They were dinged and needed a few parts replacing but they cost me nothing so its all good.

They needed some customising but they worked.
The standard is from the Chaos Chariot and I have no clue where the body for the Champion came from. But with a little cutting and gluing I managed a Unit of 10 Warriors.

Not gunna go too mad on the painting.
A simple paint job and they're ready to go. I also cast the bases as I wanted to be able to use these guys in Hero Quest and I think grass in a dungeon is rubbish.
Next up was the puppy's, so I popped down GW and bought a box of Warhounds, you can see their arse's in the picture of the Warriors but here's a better one.

Again a simple paint job.
As I stated above I'm going to mad on the painting until it gets to key characters or big monsters. I have another five Warhounds to paint and I've decided to mount a Beast Master on the back of one of their bases. It will do nothing in the game except look nice and capture the original look of the army.
I also have the Marauders / Thugs ready to be painted. I can't take a bow for them now so they are going to have hand weapons and shields.

13 out of the 15 that I want to use.
This little lot was again, knocking around in the bottom of my bits box. They were painted horrendously and needed to be cleaned but after a couple of hours work, ready. I also have a Leader for the unit and a drummer on its way that I bought from EBay.
So thats about it for now.
I plan on using a Juggernaut of Khorne for Kaon's mount. And I'm gunna get some of those lovely Chaos Dwarfs from Forge World.
I'll update again as soon as I have some more to share.


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