Friday, 24 August 2012

Reaper Kickstarter. 2mil and Counting.

Well as some of you will know Reaper Miniatures have been producing excellent quality miniatures for the past two decades. Now they are on an adventure / mission to bring affordable gaming back into our lives.

Their Bones series is shaping up nicely using the latest moulding techniques to bring excellent detail to their new Polymer miniatures. From what I have seen this 25mm range is clean, crisp with detail and has a low price point. All good ^.^



Anyhow, nice figures mentioned. And so we move on.
Their Kickstarter campaign for the Bones series is now coming up to its final 24 hours and they have so far raked in over 2million dollars. That's pretty amazing. Whats more amazing is that for the standard $100 pledge you get over 210 miniatures. And that number is still growing.

I've pledged on this cuz I'm a huge Dungeon Crawler fan. And this little lot is going to give me oodles of mini's to play with. Also there are a ton of options that you can add. Dragons, Giants, Elemental's, its all there.
Here's the LINK to the kickstarter, have a look... if you haven't already. Remember there is only 1 day left. I personally feel that this is a offer that can't be passed up.


Mighty Simo said...

I have pledged for the Vampire level, the Red Dragon, the Hydra, the Demons and the figure case. Such a good offer its unreal.

Voidsign said...

It is an amazing set. Stunning value for money. Iim going for Vampire myself, as well as pretty much all of the dragons. Love the classic designs.