Friday, 15 June 2012

Bane Legions Galhwch Lladd Llaw

Many of you will probably know of Bane Legions and their fantastic range of resin miniatures. And with good reason, from what I have seen, heard and read they are probably the best mini's money can buy. I've been umming and arghing about their products for quite a while now, and all though some of it doesn't take my fancy for one reason or another, some of it really does get my attention. I've just ordered a a couple of their minis for my own collection and thought that I would go for something small, so I went for Ulric and Muldo, initially to use as bosses in a Hero Quest quest that I'm working on, but also because they are very nice evil looking mini's and I want to paint them. As soon as I get them, expect something that almost resembles a review.

Ulreg, he has a huge Axe.
Muldo, looks like something out of Resident Evil.
Anyhow, today while I was aimlessly wondering the world of the interweb, killing time and no doubt my brain, I came across this beast. Again, by Bane Legions, Galhwch Lladd Llaw. Oh my, Oh oh oh My.
Anthropomorphic Dragony Goodness.

Just looking at Galhwch I start to drool, the figure looks amazing. HUGE and amazing. Standing at 86mm its going to tower over any adventurer that happens across its path. And the fact that it's reptilian means that its man parts should be tucked neatly inside the base of tail, so there won't be any surprises for anyone who happens to look under his groin armour. Galhwch is a kind of cross bread boasting human proportions with a splash of Dragon thrown in for good measure. A huge frame nicely rounded off with some battered armour, and spikes. You can see from the pictures, it's just nice. I want him. 
Mimics the concept design perfectley.

The Dyndraig of Gwaelod have ever been allies of Teyrnas Gwynedd, and it is a surprise to no-one that they have once more brought their might to the armies of Cadwaladr in his quest to reclaim the lands stolen from the Brythons. Galhwch Lladd Llaw - that is, Galhwch Slaughter-hand - was the first of the Dyndraig to present himself to the Red Dragon; Gwyddno Garanhir himself had sent Galhwch to act as his envoy along with others of his kin, and to ensure the strength of Cadwaladr's convictions, for the Dyndraig have - like all dragon-kind - learnt to be cautious in their dealings with men regardless of their ancestry. Even so, Galhwch's immediate opinion of Cadwaladr and the Brythons was such that he and his Dyndraig joined the Brythons in their wars against the Lloegyrwys, in particular the Northumbrians, and have proved devastating warriors in battle, rock-like and unmoving in the shieldwall, able to take on the most horrific of enemies and best them through swift cleaving and flaming breath; for, like all dragon-kind, the Dyndraig were born of fire and will return to it at the end of their time.

Now this is the really good part. After seeing this I went to the Bane Legions Website to find out more. And to my horror it's going to cost £24.99 when its released in July. Why is this to my horror, well that means I have absolutely no reasons for not buying it. The cost is excellent. Galhwch isn't a massive miniature but he is big, I was expecting around the £40.00 price tag for him. So my eyes lit up when noticed he was only about half of what I was expecting. And he's just such a nice figure.
I think if I do when I get this model I may play with the idea of putting a pair of wings on it, and maybe a short tail. I'm not sure yet, as I've only seen the pictures above. Also I would be worried that I would mess up the entire thing and just end up with £25 worth of scrap resin or Finecast. I'm not saying that he's missing them, I just think it would look really cool.

Did I mention at any point that he's only £24.99 and that I want him?


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