Friday, 22 June 2012

Bane Legions, Muldo & Ulric

So a couple of days ago I got home from work to find a small package from Maelstrom Games waiting for me. I knew what it was and like an excited school boy I ripped the package open to find two wonderful miniatures waiting for me.

Nice blister packaging. Muldo is really stuffed in there.
When I made the order at Maelstrom they were out of stock but they have come into stock and reached my door in a little over a week. Which is pretty impressive, since I'm still waiting on an order to be filled for items I ordered over nine weeks ago at another online site, but more about that another day.
As per normal for Maelstrom, the mini's came in a well padded envolope and got to me in perfect condition.
Anyhow, I didn't get a chance to look at them in too much detail as stuff needed to be done. But now I've had em out and assembled them both, thought I would let you guys know what I think.
I'm not going to review as such... well, I am. But I'm not going to grade them and give them marks out of 100 or what ever. I'm just going to state my opinions on these two figures and then leave the rest to you. If you like em, great, if not, great. It's all down to personal opinion.

So anyhow, 

Muldo the Brute 
The first thing that strikes you when you pop open that blister is that Muldo really is huge, not "he was so big I couldn't lift him" huge but considering his 30mm scale he stands twice the height of Ulric (who himself is quite large). As can be seen above he's really stuffed into that blister.
You get him out of his confinement and you instantly notice just how nice the Resin is, the feel of the resin is just lovely, smooth and light and above all clean. I've only dealt with Forge World and Puppetswar resin in the past and I was impressed at the quality of this figure and just how nice it feels. The sculpt is top notch as well, look at the pictures if you don't believe me. And you can tell that they have planned where to poor from so that they got the best fill of the mold. Unfortunately there were a couple bubbles in the piece, however they were at the tips of his claws and in his loin cloth, I sharpened the claws back into points and the tip of the cloth came away when I trimmed out the access resin. Still the final results look fine so I'm not going to gripe about that.
Muldo out of his tight blister pack.
Putting Muldo together was easy, all the pieces, once trimmed and cleaned up, slotted together perfectly. In fact I had to use no Greenstuff on Muldo at all, which is a first for pretty much any miniature. There was a little bit of a mould line, mainley around his legs. But most of that came away when I was giving him a wash, that which remained was easily cleaned using a knife.
Cleaned and Assembled.
He looks like Nemesis from the Resident Evil games crossed with a mantis. I also really love his pose, he looks in pain and tormented. His huge arms hanging by his side as he drags himself into the fray once more. Considering the way his looks, Muldo really is a beautiful figure.
The blistering on his back is gross yet really well done.
 The tips of the claws required sharpening.
All in all a fantastic miniature, he looks awesome and putting him together was for once a joy. I'm actually getting excited about painting this wee fella and I'm thinking of trying a few new techniques I've been looking at.  

Ulric the Defiler 

As with Muldo the resin used on Ulric is fantastic. I'm not going to go in detail about it all again. The flow points once again are placed in the best positions to ensure perfect casting and once again any/all mould lines cleaned up perfectly with a good wash and a quick trim. There were no defects on Ulric so no mould slip or air bubbles. Not a one. The flow points were easy to clean away. I used a saw to remove the large points on his feet as I was worried that clipping them off may cause the resin on his feet to crack.

Ulric out of the pack.
After cleaning Ulric up he went together quite simply, the hole on his arm connected with the stub on his shoulder and was a nice snug fit. His right arm has a band so the join is pretty well hidden, his left arm however needed a little bit of Greenstuff at the join as it was quite visible.

Cleaned and assembled.
As with Muldo I'm loving the pose on Ulric, I think he looks like he's picked out his next victim and is making his way towards him. There is such a sense of motion to his stance, like he's just setting off, the flow of his cloth waving in his wake. Lovely.

The skulls really show off how big this fella is.
This was the only area that I felt required some filling.
The skulls and heads tied to his belt really give Ulric his sense of mass. You can see that he's a large guy, with a larger axe. He's covered in small details, from scars to a belt adorned with trinkets and trophies. I like this mini alot. I think its a stunning piece. My one gripe is that I think the head is a little simple and plain compared to the rest of model, but I'm not going to let that small detail ruin the whole thing. All in all fantastic, probably my favourite miniature at the moment. But I'm fickle.
So that it, thats what I think about them two. I'm going to start painting over the weekend and I'll do a couple of Work in Progress posts to show ya'all how I'm getting on. Would I recomend picking these guys up, Yes, I would. They are stunning models and the guys at Bane Legions really know their stuff when it comes to producing fantastic quality miniatures.



Frontline Gamer said...

Great choices on both of them.

Voidsign said...

Thanks ^.^

I want to get the other two Brutes as well. We plan on using them on a Hero Quest erm quest that were working on.

Really nice Mini's