Friday, 20 July 2012

Marauder Miniatures: Kaon's Despoilers Chaos Army.

In issue ??? of White Dwarf released in 1991 I remember seeing an offer for a 2000 point Chaos Army. I remember looking at this small force and wanting it so bad. In those days though the £57 asking price was really high, so alas I was left to look at the images and dream. I would however buy it today if it was offered at that price now. But times they do change...
I don't think this would even be 1000pts by today's standards.
Recently I found a copy of this White Dwarf while trying to collect all the Space Hulk related issues and came accross this offer once again. Suddenly it was twenty one years ago again, Do Want!

Below is a picture that covers the Army's description and a breakdown of the units and points values involved. I've had a quick look online and I'm not sure you can use Beastmen with Chaos anymore, Nore do I think that the Thugs / Marauders come with a bow option. Also the Kaon's Griffon is well out of the picture as I no longer think a Griffon is a legal mount option for a Chaos Lord. So there will be some chopping and changing as I attempt this project.
Points and blurb about each unit.
I started to look at the mini's in this set online, just to see if it would be cost effective to buy them from Ebay or something. However, the single Chaos Dwarfs sell for around £5.00 and the Thug set is on there, but its at £60+, also the Beast Master is no longer an option though the Hounds are. So I think I will use current models in their place and save some penny's. Not the current Chaos Marauders though, those things look shite.

I would like to get a Unit or Character completed each month. Then once the above is covered I will round the force up to the nearest 500pts with extra units that I think will fit. The people that I wargame with are a pretty reasonable bunch, so I'm pretty sure that they won't mind me using a few Beastmen, just cuz they add to the varied look of the army. The rules for the Chaos Dwarfs are available from Forge World, so that's simple enough, though I would have to take a Deamonsmith as a Character choice in order to gain access to them in a legal army.

I may write a bit of fluff about what Kaon has been upto these past 21 years, and I may (will) pop him on a Juggernaut as well.

Anyhow, I think its a lovely looking force and I will try my best to do it justice.

Stay tuned.


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