Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Pandora's Box

So I got home yesterday after a long day slogging it at work, and I mean slogging. I can't complain about my job, it pays pretty well and the hours are OK, plus I get to destroy things on a regular basis so that's cool, but anyway, I'm getting off subject. So, I got home and found a neat package waiting for me.

You can't quite see the extent of the damage,
or the advertising on rear.
It was from Mantic games, now, this is the first time I've ordered from Mantic and I was pretty shocked at just how much advertising they could put on the outside of a postage box. I know that there are a lot of postmen out there and while it is travelling from the nice folks at Mantic to my dark pit a lot of people are going to glance upon it. But wow. It may seem petty of me but when I order items I don't want people to know what kind of goodies are in the box. Could you imagine if Anne Summers did that. Plus if said postman wasn't of honest nature, and liked that kind of stuff it could easily go walkies. But Meh, it got to me and that's what matters.

Nice Art, Nice Mini's, Good Game?
So at first glace I was worried, evidently someone between Mantic and me (a new series coming soon) doesn't like Mantic Games or Wargaming or Me. The box although pretty was crushed, I was worried about the precious cargo inside so opened it up expecting a game full of dents.

Inside was Project Pandora and a ton of green packing foam. The box art and quality is fantastic, though it is a tad thin and doesn't hold its shape too well, but I'm not going to poopoo something just because of that. Its an A4ish size box so 12" by 8" and 1" deep, roughly. So luckily the damage to the postage adver... box wasn't passed on to the game. YAY. I'm odd like that, I like my boxes to be neat and nice and pretty.
I was expecting Project Pandora to arrive midweek but it got to me on the day of its release, which is really very good of Mantic Games. Cconsidering I've had experience with other companies where you have to wait two weeks for existing stock to arrive, the fact that Mantic got Pandora to me on the day of it's release is a big thumbs up to them.

So far I've had a route through the box and cracked open the card set so I could see what the Tiles were like, and I have to say, it's all pretty damn good. The card stock is think and the print is fantastic, also the rule book is printed on glossy paper and of a good quality, though it is in Black and White T.T

This is what you get. All nice and pretty.
The Miniatures come in too small bags, one for the Veer-myn and one for the Corporation, from what I can see the figures look well sculpted and cast. I've not opened them yet though as I didn't have the time last night. Oh, and you get some Dice. That's it really, not that I'm going to complain, all looks pretty good.

I've not read the Rules yet and as I said, I've not looked at the miniatures in any great detail. But from what I've seen so far Project Pandora is ticking all the right boxes.  Hopefully I'll get the chance to take some photo's tonight and update this post with relevant piccy goodness (this has now been done ^.^). In the mean time, there is a stock picture of the box. And here's a link to where you can buy Project Pandora if your interested.

I'll probably make another post babbling on about the mini's and stuff in a couple of days.


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