Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Games Night: Talisman... Again

Lol, so last week we played Talisman and had such a great time we decided to do it again. That and we we're all tired and the box for Talisman was on top of the pile.

Yup.. again.
This week however there were deaths...

It was a Sad day.

I know, in 3rd edition deaths are virtually unheard of but this game there was not one, but two fatalities.

Anyhow this time round the following characters were in play.

Elf Ranger
Goblin Fanatic

Key Events:
The Skaven getting so much stuff he simply couldn't carry it all. Luckily the Bag and Horse and Cart helped.
The Goblin again spending the game on two lives, until the ick caught up with him and he was killed in a flurry of pit traps and huge monsters.
The Elf getting beaten to death by a crafty monster.
The Beastman finding a Loyal Dog in the Dungeon and then eating it. With sound effects!
The Minotaur rampaging around stomping on anything it came across, evidently the Minotaur is a hit with the ladies as it had a hord of female flesh following it around as followers, boosting its craft to 9.
The Skavens Horse and Cart falling down a hole and taking a load of stuff with it.
The Beastman going up to the get the Crown of Command and loosing his trump card.
The Beastman winning against the odds. With a -4 Str he still managed to win against the Dragon King.

Again it was a great laugh and the fact people died really made us all gasp. Seriously I think I've only ever seen it once before. 

I'm not going to spiel on about this forever due to it being a repeat of last week, so, to sum up, Talisman is fun and fast.

Another good evening ^.^


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