Sunday, 8 April 2012

Super Dungeon Explore Dwelling Monsters

As a group we play Super Dungeon Explore a lot, we all think the game is awesome, and I personally  rant and rave about it all the time. Soda Pop Miniatures really excelled when it came to getting this little gem out, it was well worth the wait. We have noticed however that the game can be a tad linear, a few things don't make sense and a couple of things could be better.

So, we sat down and made up some extra rules just to give us a little more... urm... stuff.


With me being anal and the rest of the group all remembering the same rules in different ways I decided to sit down and make a pretty PDF rule set that contains all the changes that we use, and a set of new monster cards to cover the Dwelling Monsters.

See, looks really pretty.

First of all we have added Dwelling Monsters. The two sets of beasties that came in the box are very nice, but after a few games they don't really offer anything new and it starts to get a little stale. So we added some new critters and a Special Character. For the most part the new Monsters can be represented by pretty much anything that fits the bill, a bats a bat afterall. The Monster that was a hard figure to find was Barry, I use a Dwarf Wereshark from Reaper Miniatures represent him on the board.

These are what we use for the Dwelling Monsters.
Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer Fantasy.

This is Reapers Dwarf Wereshark.
Great Figure.

And yes, I do intend to base and paint them.... 

As well as the Dwelling Monsters we've added a search option, when you enter a room you can search it. You may get some goodies or some nasties may jump out at you. Also Line of sight, has been blocked by the big stuff and you can cause more that one wound per attack.

Barry. He's an asshole.

I have uploaded the complete set of additional rules we use to Boardgamegeek and 4share so you can download them and take a look. The cards are on the file and are scaled and ready to be printed out for use.

Feed back would be nice on these rules, it would be nice to hear other peoples oppinions and if anyone has any ideas for more monsters.

Well, I hope you enjoy em.


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