Thursday, 12 April 2012

Candy and Cola

Finally, FINALLY I managed to get my grubby little hands on the Candy and Cola figure that was released for Super Dungeon Explore by Soda Pop Miniatures.


I've been after this figure since the release of SDE and all my attempts to gain it had ended in disappointment, Either the price was too high (£20+ for a single figure is too much) or the store that had it in stock didn't ship to this side of the pond. So imagine my glee when Cool Mini Or Not got a restock.


So it arrived yesterday and I cracked open the package right away.

 The only thing harder to find is the SDE game itself.

The card included is made from the same stock as the actual game cards and is bright, colourful and of a good quality. The figure is a great sculpt and captures the Chibi style of the game perfectly. However the figure quality, although simple is pretty poor. I own quite a few SPM miniatures and this is the first one I've received with large mould lines. I know, it's easy enough to clean up, I just guess I've come to expect more from SPM that's all. Also the fact that the she doesn't come with a base that matches the Dungeon bases is a bit annoying but Meh!
Luck and Cola = Potion Spamming Skills.

Anyhow, we've not used her / them in a game yet but looking at the card I think she's going to be an awesome buffer. Candy's ability to restock the other heroes with Potions and Cola's ability to generate more Potions could really aid the heroes in their time of need. Also she has pretty good Armour and her Will is great. I'm not 100% sure if you can use Magic in the adjacent square as Magic attacks normally have a Range attached. I'll have to re-read up on it . All in all a pretty good character, which if used correctly could really give the Consul a hard time.
To sum up, Needs some cleaning but otherwise a great little figure.


KAWAII... Ahem! as they say.

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