Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Games Night. Talisman

Tuesday night is games night around these parts.
People come over, we choose a game, we play, we argue, we take the piss and we sulk. A completely normal games night I think...
Anyhow, I intend to do a "Battle Report" on Wednesdays just to sum up what it is that we got up to and the results. I may even take a few pics and throw them up for good measure (though I forgot to do that last night >.<)

This Tuesday we decided to dust off Talisman 3rd Edition and have a little play, it's a fun game and one that my other half joins in with as well, so it's all good.

If you have played Talisman then you will know it involves running around the board finding cool stuff (rubbish stuff) gaining followers and fighting monsters. 3rd Edition in heavily linked to the Warhammer Fantasy universe so if you know GW you can relate to pretty much anything that you happen to come across, also the rules are simple and quick.
We also have a copy of the Dungeon Expantion to go with it, thus the Dungeon and Highland areas were also in play.
There was only three of us playing but that just meant that your turn came around quicker.
The characters involved were

Elf Ranger
Templar Knight
Goblin Fanatic

Key Events:
The Goblin stayed at around 2 lives throughout the entire game and only managed to hit himself in the face twice with his ball and chain.
The Elf had acquired a mass of Gear until the Bandits came and dumped it all on the Oasis.
The Elf taking the Horse and Cart after the Knight had placed it on top of the deck.
Every Adventure card the Templar turned over seemed to be Gold.
The Templar managed to steal the Unicorn from under the Elf's nose, leading to some ill feeling so he went and hung out in the highlands to avoid the wrath of the pointy eared Ranger.

As the game was heading towards its third hour the Templar and Fanatic decided it was time to go for the crown. It was a close run, with the Templar just crossing the line before the Fanatic.
And so the game was won, The Templar beat the Dragon King (by1) and took the Crown of Command...
And that was it, everyone blinked and looked around.

Then "I thought that was going to be harder"

We all remembered the game being a lot harder at the end, but the last time we had played Talisman it was 4th Edition and no one would dare go into the centre, there was also six of us playing and it was a really long game.

The anti climax aside it was a really funny game, lots of laughing and fun, the way a games night should be.

Next week we're thinking Space Hulk.


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