Monday, 7 May 2012

That Looks Nice!

Due to being ill and not having anything to do with the Wargaming world I've not updated the blog in over a week. Even so Voidsigns has been up again for a little over a month and I've noticed that I'm about to hit 600 hits. In the grand sceme of things that's quite a small number but considering this blog had been up for a few years and was only at 47 hits when I started writting about my hobbies I'm pretty impressed with it.

Anyhow, I wanted to say thanks to everyone thats had a look and hope that more people will follow and continue to read my ramblings in the futures.

So, as the title says, That Looks Nice.
I am referring to the following:
Yes, yes YES!
Anime inspired skirmish goodieness.
Now then, if the figures turn out anything like the pictures above then these two are a sure buy, granted it looks like I'm going to have to hunt them down on Ebay but meh, not the first time.
Infinity is a good little game, sure I've only played it once with my little Nomad team and that was on a Necromunda board. I did enjoy the experience, even if everyone involved decided, Yup need more buildings. Necro Boards are very then and offer no real cover, so Sas is sorting that out as we speak and we've decided to hold off a rematch until he has a shite load of terrain ready.

You can see his work HERE

Also I've been working on a Project of my own design, in order to fill a gap in my Wargaming life.
And while doing so I stumbled across these guys, MERCS. I've downloaded the free rule set and I'll have a good look through them when I get the chance. Either way I'm going to be buying the CCC Yellow Jackets as they serve the purpose I have in mind for them better than anything else I've seen.

If your wondering what my Project is, its been dubbed Complex 77 at the moment and looks a little like this.

This is all I'm showing for now.
I'll update the Blog with more info once its a little more grounded. Let's just say its not Space Hulk...

Erm so thats about it for today I think.

Tuesday tomorrow and if I'm feeling up to it expect to see a Battle Report... ish... thing, shortley after.


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