Thursday, 24 May 2012

Games Night: The Quest Continues.

Following on from the epicness of the previous adventures in Hero Quest it was decided that we had such a blast that we would crack open the box and continue the adventure with,

Grundolf, the Wizard.
Leaf Blower, the Elf.
Clodhopper, the Dwarf.
Vivian, the Barbarian.

For an oldie its just so much fun.
And so, our heroes once again took up arms and delved deeper into the dungeons of the Evil Wizard. This time however, it was not just the green skinned horde awaiting our heroes but as the quests continued the foul stench of the Undead filled the damp dark passages of Morcars forgotten dungeons. As our heroes advanced bones stiffened and raised from their eternal slumber, the slither of rotting feet as they dragged slowly along the rough floor echoed through the darkness and the binding threads of stained bandages wrapped around rotting corpses creaked as the bloated remains shifted towards their prey.

Our heroes could sense the shift in the air as the enemies of the Evil Wizard changed from the Living to Undead. Grundolf distracted by this was unaware as the green Fimir came up behind the hardened Wizard; no one could save him in time as the axe came down hard. Gouging Grundolf between the shoulder and neck he fell to the ground. The air knocked from his lungs, he whimpered, wide eyed as he tried to cast a healing spell. The wound was not fatal, he could have survived, but the shear violence and strength of the attack sent the Wizard into a shocked state, shaken and wounded he tried to get away. Gasping for air and holding his maimed shoulder, Grundolf climbed to his knees and started to ebb away along the wet wall. The Fimir smiled an ugly wrinkle full of large rotting teeth, the green skinned monster played with its injured prey. Knocking the Wizard to the floor over and over, letting out large throaty taunts of chuckling filth.

Grundolf slumped to the floor; light headed due to the loss of blood the wizard looked up at his assailant, he knew this was the end. "Do it!" he murmured softly, "I will no longer be your play thing." Angered by the Wizards failure to entertain the Fimir raised his axe high in to the air, Grundolf closed his eyes as he saw the Axe start to descend.

Grrr, Evil Fimir killed Wizard Grr

Vivian got to the Fimir just as it cleaved his friend in two; Grundolf fell, split almost directly down the middle. The Fimir turned in the slick of blood that spilled from the corpse and roared at the advancing Barbarian. In a defiant howl the Fimir attacked with its axe once more, however before the axe could meet its target the Fimirs head was removed from its muscular body.

That’s, right this time we had the loss of a hero, Grundolf the Wizard lost his life at the hands of a Wondering Monster, a Fimir in this case. Everyone was shocked, even the Evil Wizard player generally looked upset that his minion had taken out one of the Heroes. Luckily for the Heroes there were only three chests of treasure that needed to be carried out of the dungeon. And so the remaining heroes succeeded in their quest and returned the stolen treasure and each gained 70 gold and the title of CHAMPION.

After the loss of their friend the Heroes were slow in choosing their new partner, but in the end they went with a fine young wizard who went by the name of Grundolf Jr the Wizard. And so back at full strength and fully rested they set off again. This time however, it was the turn of the Undead. They could feel them stirring before but when that first Zombie shambled into sight they knew this was going to be a tough quest.
Was the Talisman worth fighting an army of the Undead for? Picking their way through the masses of Falling Boulders and Pit Traps and swatting aside every member of the Evil Wizards army they encountered the heroes succeeded in gaining the artefact. There was no loss of life and the Undead were dispatched in an easy enough fashion. Our heroes headed back toward the light, to feast, spend their spoils and enjoy the freedom from the confined spaces they were growing accustomed too. The Evil Wizard was tired and again disappeared into the darkness of the void. Where he would bind his time and look through the quest book for some harder missions.
Not sure why, but i think that Vivians dice only has one skull on it.
Hero Quest really is great fun to play. It kinda makes me want to buy loads of Fantasy Miniatures and start making up my own quests. But I have enough project to work on at the moment without buying more stuff, though I would like to use some of Raging Heroes Mini's.

Also, I've been looking on the web at some of the great Hero Quest sites that are out there and I was very surprised to find that it is still such a popular game. Thousands of quests, monsters and heroes are all available to download all you need to do is type HERO QUEST in to the oracle that is Google.

Thats it for now folks, but I'm sure that there will be more adventures with our four heroes in the future,


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