Friday, 26 October 2012

Mantic Games Abyssal Dwarfs Reveiw.

So I got me some Abyssal Dwarfs from Mantic Games, purely to use as Chaos Dwarfs in Warhammer but that's beside the point.
A nice big box ^.^
I received the Abyssal Dwarf Army RRP £64.99 and the Abyssal Dwarf King RRP £7.49. Not bad for 43 miniatures.

So what did I get inside, here's a look at the opened box.

A mess of sprues and bags of little metal bits.
To be honest this is something that really annoys me about Mantic, they produce some really good miniatures but the shear lack of instructions or any degree of order within their box sets is nil. This isn't the end of the world, buts its really annoying especially when the box art and pictures show parts that were dropped from the final miniature, the Snake Helmets in this case.
So anyway, after about an hour of sorting,
Katsuchan Launcher

Nice little set, on its own the RRP for this is £14.99. Its the undead Balefire catapult with a dwarf crew, then it comes with the metal upgrade parts to change both the crew and the catapult into Abyssal Dwarfs.
Immortal Guard
I've not put the pictures of all the Dwarf sprues up as I don't think I have too. The Immortal Guard are the really nice part of this box set. The alternate bodies and heads really change the look and feel of the standard Dwarf sprues. They also come with icons that can be glued to the shields, just to give them that little bit extra. RRP £19.99 for ten.
All of the Abyssal Dwarfs are just conversion sets so.... Anyhow, these I like. You get enough parts to change the five sprues of Dwarf Iron Watch into ten Decimators. Alt heads and weapons all metal. RRP £17.99 for ten.

Black Souls
OK  now then, after I sorted out all the other stuff that was rattling around the box I was left with a load of Sprues and a final bag of metal parts. Upon further investigation I figured out that there must be a couple of Dwarfs left over and that the oodles of sprues and metal heads had to the Black Souls.
Now these only come with Abyssal Heads and the Icons. You also get one torso and a sprue of Axes, for the command section of the unit. The heads come with a mix of full heads or caps that fit over the existing Dwarf head. But that's about it, this unit is basically your standard dwarf unit with angrier heads. Still the RRP is £22.49 and you get twenty of them, so it's still well worth the price. And with a little it of green stuff work, they could look fantastic.
All in all its a good set and buying the Army Box you save yourself over £10.00 which you can't grumble at. Is it a good substitute for Chaos Dwarfs, Yes I think so. £65 wouldn't even buy you twenty Infernal Guard, sure they don't look as good as Forge World's little buggers, but they are an inexpensive way of fielding a really fun army.
How I intend to use them.
Black Souls = Infernal Guard
Decimators = Inferal Guard with Hailshot Blunderbusses
Immortal Guard = Ironsworn
Katsuchan = Deathshrieker (though this may be a little cheeky)

Pad them out with some Hobgoblin Proxy models and you have yourself a very workable Chaos Dwarf Army.

Oh yes, I also got a Abyssal Dwarf King to act as the leader for this little bunch.

Abyssal Dwarf King
Not going to lie about this, hes a fantastic miniature, the picture just doesn't do him justice. Blood lovely.



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