Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Mantic Games Enforcers Reveiw

OK OK so I couldn't resist. I had to pop an army set open and take a wee peak inside.
And I'm kinda glad that I did.

Pretty picture, boom boom crish...
Lets start off with the box, the art is lush, I really love the look of the Enforcers. It's the standard style Mantic box, a bit thin on the board but the Artwork as always is crisp and very well printed. As I stated in my last post they look like a spin off from the Doberman Voomers from Bubblegum Crisis which is probably why I like them so much.

Inside there are oodles. Not bad for a RRP of £49.99
What you get.
So after I thumbed through to see exactly what treasures await me I noticed that there were six identical bags of five Enforcers and that it is only the metal components that upgrade the standard Strike Team into an Assault or Suppression Team. I actually think this is pretty cool.
The Strike Team, RRP £9.99
So in each of the six bags of miniatures you get the above. A nice mix of parts so you can set up your team with multi poses. The fact that they are split at the waist I think adds a ton to the mini's. One thing I will say though, There are three different pairs of arms, I would sort these and try them before you glue them. One type of left will only work with one type of right. The single set is for the large machine gun. You also get a sergeants close assault upgrade.

Assault Team metal components.
Suppression Team metal components.
This I thought was cool as well. Instead of adding extra plastic components, you get the extras you need to complete the teams in metal. The close assault weapons and large machine gun are already cast in the plastic, but come in metal in the relevant sets. Very Nice as this offers more pose ability to your teams.

The Enforcers Captain, is HUGE
This guy is heavy. But he is Beautiful. The chunky feel of his body compared to the small size of his head just makes him ooze mass. Hopefully they will release this guy with a couple of different options but as he stands he just looks awesome.

Ok so that's about it. You get your four Mantic Points and stands for the whole lot in there as well, but I'm not going to take pictures and tell you how round they are. So yeah. Enforcers, they are a great looking bunch, and this army box set is well worth the price. Buying it all as teams your looking at £68.00 for the lot, the army set is a RRP of only £49.99 that's a pretty good saving.

If your interested in more details and pictures of the painted mini's click HERE.

Have fun.



Sync said...

Thanks for sharing this review - great to know exactly what comes in the set.

Christopher TenWolde said...

Thanks! I've been curious about the contents of the various packs, and this was helpful. One quick question: did each "basic pack" (the bags of 5) include the full weapon assortment of 4 rifles, 1 heavy weapon, and 1 pistol/sword combo?

Voidsign said...

@ Christopher:

Yeah, each bag comes with 4 Rifles, 1 Special and the CC combo.
Thats the standard Strike Team.


RVA said...

Thanks for the reviews. You can take pictures of them, next to the miniatures of other systems?

RVA said...

Thanks for the reviews. You can take pictures of them, next to the miniatures of other systems?