Thursday, 28 February 2013

Hell Dorado: Lost and Saracens Starters. Review

I've been thinking about taking a closer look at Hell Dorado for quite the time. Then after getting a few sets in stock for the store, and with the new Inferno Kickstarter I decided to take the plunge and give it a go. And from what I've seen so far, I'm kinda glad I did.

So as I said I picked the Lost and Saracens starter boxes. The Lost because they look amazing huge humanoid beast creatures. And the Saracens purely because they have a Final Fantasy 11 Blue Mage vibe about them.

The first thing I noticed about them is the quality of the packaging. It's a high quality card stock, with even better quality printing. Both boxes come with a faction specific sleeve that covers a generic box. They look good and feels nice in your hands.

But you're not here to read about GSM and DPI are you, nope, you're here cuz you wanns know about the goodies that these pretty boxes protect inside. In each box you get X amount of mini's, the relevant Stat Cards, Bases and a B&W copy of the Quickstart Rules.
Lets have a look at the Lost first.

The Lost Starter comes with four miniatures, three of which are quite large compared to most of the other standard Hell Dorado mini's. The quality of the mini's I will cover after I've shown you the other starter, as it's pretty constant across all the mini's I've seen. So lets look at the mini's
Isha-Akshay, Squamata Warchief
Fangs of the Pit
Squamata Warrior's X 2
It's a nice starting force, the mini's I just love the look of and having a gander at the rest of the Lost range I do think this is going to be the faction that I continue to collect. The quality of the Stat Cards isn't fantastic, don't get me wrong its. It's just a tad thin, but I'll pop them in sleeves and all will be good.
Now, lets look at the Saracens
This Starter comes with five miniatures, three standard sized 30mm mini's and a couple of larger ones. The Djinn is fantastic and I can't wait to paint this bad boy up. Just like the Lost starter, all cards, stands and QS Rules are included.
Chams Al Majid, Djinn
Nazir Ibn Hamid Ibn Hajjad, Emir
Pillar of the Faith
Blessed Warrior's X 2

This set again is really nice, and as I said I got it because it reminded me of Blue Mages, however I not sure how far I'll take them. Ive been looking at the Demons and they are really starting to take my fancy as well.
Anyhow, as I said above, I'll talk about the quality of the mini's now. I'm not going to rate them with marks out of 10, and I'm not going to compare them to another company, Though they are a ton better then a lot of mini's that I've seen, cough GW cough.
All in all they are really nice and clean. Sure, there are mould lines but none that are too bad. There is some flash, but it's easily cleaned. And a couple of them have yellow ick on them. This is the releasing agent, and is easily cleaned away with warm water. I can't really fault them to be honest. Across the two Starters with nine miniatures the only real thing that I can moan about is that I got some goo on my hands. A normal night for most people, I'm sure. So all in all, really Good ^.^
I've not played the game yet, but from speed reading the QS rules the game looks really interesting and quite easy to get into. As soon as I have these guys ready to go, we'll be putting them through their paces.
To sum up, if a fast pased fantasy skermish game based in the realms of Hells, with quality miniatures, sounds like your thing and if you're interested in picking them up we have the starters in stock and we should have Blisters in the near future. Just follow this LINK and click of Hell Dorado.


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